Tennessee is famous for its music, beautiful landscapes, and lively cities.

We found 31 the best places to stay in Tennessee hidden gems for you to explore. We picked unique places to stay. You will love the diverse options

Discover rustic cabins, luxury tree-houses, historic hotels, and more in our guide. Whether it is adventure, romance, or relaxation you seek, we have got you covered for an amazing Tennessee trip.

01. The Russell Hotel:

the russell hotel

The Russell Hotel is this charming place to stay in Tennessee.

People love it for different reasons. Some dig its cool history, while others just adore the comfy rooms and special stuff that make it a top pick for travelers

02. Train Depot in Pigeon Forge:

Pigeon Forge in the Train Depot, is not your typical hotel. Staying in an old train depot turned into a cozy place to crash.

They have a mixed history with modern comforts. It will give you a good experience.

03. Under Canvas-Glamping in Gatlinburg:

Under Canvas in Gatlinburg is the place for fancy camping, also known as “glamping.”

You get to be in the heart of nature but with all the comfy stuff you would find in a hotel. It is like camping without roughing it.

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04. TreEscape: 

TreEscape is a cool place to stay in Tennessee. It is all about nature and being eco-friendly.

You can stay in tree-houses and other nature-inspired places.

It is super fun for those who love nature.

05. Turner’s Grain Silo-Mt. Juliet:

Turner’s Grain Silo in Mt. Juliet is a cool spot I found in Tennessee.

It is a converted grain silo that is like a one-of-a-kind adventure. These places usually give you that rustic, cozy vibe.

06. Sweet Abi Mae: 

Sweet Abi Mae is really a charming place in Tennessee. You can stay there, and it is not just a regular hotel. It is like a cozy bed and breakfast or a cool boutique hotel.

People love it because it is super welcoming and hospitable. It is a perfect spot for a relaxing getaway. 

07. Morning Mist at Five Meadows Farm: 

You wants a break from all the city chaos?

Morning Mist at Five Meadows Farm is perfect place for you. This peaceful countryside retreat anyone .

You get to stay on a real farm! It is not just any farm, it is like something out of a painting, super serene and picturesque.

08. Barn Stay in Franklin:

Barn stay in Franklin, Tennessee is like staying in a cool, rustic spot out in the countryside.

They take old barns and fix them up all nicely, so you get the charm of the past with modern comforts. It is a cozy and unique way to experience Tennessee! 

09. Big Cypress Lodge:

Big Cypress Lodge is also this huge, fancy lodge with all the bells and whistles.

I am talking about top-notch amenities and maybe even some cool nature stuff nearby. You would not want to miss it.

10. Ancient Lore Village-Knoxville: 

Ancient Lore Village in Knoxville is not your ordinary stay. It is like stepping into a whole different world.

A themed lodging experience that might just take you back in time or transport you to a fantasy realm. If you are into history or fantasy, this could be your dream escape.

11. Rustic Teepee Rental in Lewisburg:

Rustic Teepee Rental is not your typical camping experience.

You get to stay in a teepee, like the ones used by Native Americans. It is super unique and gives you a chance to really get in touch with nature. 

12. Modern Hobbit House:

Modern Hobbit House is like a real-life fairy tale. These places are so cool because they are inspired by those cozy and earthy Hobbit houses from J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories.

It is a whimsical and charming little house that is all about that Hobbit vibe. If you love unique and cozy stays, this one’s a must-see!

13. Luxury Treehouse Escape:

Luxury Treehouse Escape is like this super fancy treehouse up in the treetops.

You know, the kind that is all swanky and made for a romantic getaway. You and your special someone, are surrounded by nature and high above the ground.

Sounds pretty amazing!

14. Tiny Log Cabin in the Clouds:

A tiny log cabin perched high up in the mountains is super cozy and tucked away, giving you that remote feeling. 

And the best part? 

The views are absolutely breathtaking! You will be surrounded by stunning landscapes. 

15. Story Book Country Cottage:

Story Book Country Cottage is like something out of a fairy tale, seriously! 

A cute, charming cottage straight from the pages of a storybook.

It is super amazing you will love it . Trust me!

16. Fairytale Guest House:

Fairytale Guest House is magical and enchanting as the stories you read as a kid.

Well, that is exactly what you can expect when you stay at a fairytale guest house. It is all about creating that whimsical, dreamy atmosphere that makes you feel like you are living in your favorite storybook.

Trust me, it is an experience you would not want to miss.

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17. The Hermitage Hotel: 

The Hermitage Hotel is this super fancy hotel right in the heart of Nashville.

People love it because it is all about luxury and history. It is famous for being super posh and having a really cool historical vibe.

18. Hutton Hotel:

Hutton Hotel is a super cool and fancy place to stay in Nashville. You will like it because it is all about modern style and has some awesome amenities.

Think of it as the hip spot to crash when you are in Music City.

19. Blackberry Farm:

You have got to hear about Blackberry Farm – it is this amazing luxury resort nestled right in the Smoky Mountains. I mean, it is famous for its gourmet dining.

It is surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Smoky Mountains while enjoying some of the best food you can ever have. That is what Blackberry Farm is all about. It is a total retreat for foodies and nature lovers. 

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20. Thompson Nashville:

Thompson Nashville is this awesome boutique hotel right smack in downtown Nashville.

You will love it because it has got this super cool design and it is right in the heart of everything.

It is super cool!

21. The Peabody Memphis: 

The Peabody Memphis is this amazing, super fancy hotel that is famous for its rich history and elegance. They have got the famous ducks at the hotel! 

Every day, these ducks march through the lobby like they own the place.

It is a big deal, and people come from all over just to see it. The Peabody Ducks are like celebrities, and the hotel even has a special “Duckmaster” who takes care of them.

22. Deer Camp Cabin: 

Deer Camp Cabin is a cozy cabin tucked away in the woods, and it is perfect for those who crave peace and a connection with nature.

It is a popular choice for folks looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and the scent of fresh pine trees in the morning is very fascinating.

If you are into serene and nature-filled getaways, this one’s definitely worth considering.

23. The Dive Motel: 

The Dive Motel in Tennessee is a bit quirky and totally retro. It is like stepping back in time when you check in here. It is like a blast from the past! The whole place is decked out with cool nostalgic vibes. You would not find a stay quite like this anywhere else. If you are up for a unique and fun adventure.

24. Kimpton Aertson Hotel: 

Kimpton Aertson Hotel in Nashville is this chic boutique hotel that is pretty popular for a few cool reasons.

First off, it is all about luxury with top-notch amenities that make you feel pampered.

Think comfy beds, fancy bathrooms, and maybe even a spa! From the lobby to the rooms, you will see cool artwork and stylish touches everywhere.

25. Bobby Hotel:

Bobby Hotel is such a cool spot in Nashville. They have got this killer rooftop lounge that you have got to check out. It is not just any rooftop – it is the kind of place where you can soak up the Nashville skyline while sipping on your favorite drink.

The whole place has this artistic and unique feel to it. From the decor to the overall atmosphere, it is like no other hotel you have ever seen.

26. Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort:

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort is this awesome family-friendly place that is connected to the Dollywood theme park.

You would not believe how convenient it is. You can stay right there and have a ton of fun. It is the perfect spot for a fantastic family getaway.

27. The Tennessean:

The Tennessean in Knoxville is not just any hotel, it is a fancy one! It is like an elegant room with jaw-dropping views of the city.

It is like staying in a dreamy place right in the heart of Knoxville. You would not want to miss out on this one.

28. Fairlane Hotel:

A great recommendation for your next trip to Nashville is the Fairlane Hotel, and let me tell you, it is a cool and trendy boutique hotel right in the heart of downtown.

People love it for its sleek mid-century modern design. You are gonna dig the vibes there.

29. Holston House Nashville:

Holston House Nashville is awesome boutique hotel that folks really dig because it has a classy vibe and it is super close to all the cool stuff you would want to see in the city.

You know, it has got that whole sophisticated style going on, which I know you are into. You would not have to go far to check out all the awesome attractions nearby.

It is like having Nashville’s hotspots right at your doorstep.

30. Omni Nashville Hotel:

Omni Nashville Hotel is an amazing luxury hotel right smack in the heart of downtown Nashville. People love it because it is super comfy and exciting.

That means you can easily hop around and explore all the cool spots in Nashville without any fuss.

When you are done with your day of adventures, you can come back to a cozy room and just chill. It is like a home away from home, but with a dash of luxury.

31. The Sewanee Inn Hotel: 

The Sewanee Inn Hotel is this charming spot right on the campus of the University of the South.

It is a peaceful atmosphere that feels just like being in college again. It has that perfect collegiate vibe. You will love it, trust me. 


Tennessee has a variety of great places to stay for all kinds of travelers. Whether you love music, nature, or history, our list has options. Now, it is the time to plan your Tennessee trip.

Whether you want adventure, relaxation, or a romantic escape, Tennessee has it all. Your choice of where to stay can make it even better.

Start planning your unforgettable journey in Tennessee today!


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