Colorado Springs is a wonderful place for families looking to have fun and make great memories.

I’ve been here with my own family and can’t wait to share the best things to do. There’s something for everyone, from amazing parks to exciting museums.

Imagine seeing giant red rocks at Garden of the Gods, feeding giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and riding a train up Pikes Peak. You can even play old arcade games in Manitou Springs and learn about Olympic heroes.

There are easy trails, waterfalls, and places to explore nature. Whether you like history, animals, or just being outside, Colorado Springs has it all.

Get ready for a trip full of adventure and laughter. Your family will love it here, just like mine did!

Fun Things To Do in Colorado Springs for Families with Kids

Garden of the Gods

things to do in colorado springs for families

Start your adventure with the breathtaking Garden of the Gods. This iconic park offers towering red rock formations and a stunning backdrop of Pikes Peak. Families can enjoy easy hiking trails, rock climbing, and educational exhibits at the visitor center.

It’s truly a must visit. ​This captivating landscape, formed millions of years ago, has captivated visitors from around the world, each drawn to its unique geological wonders.

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North Pole Colorado Santa’s Workshop

It’s like a Christmas wonderland all year round! You’ll find over 25 fun rides, including a gentle sleigh ride and the exciting Candy Cane Coaster. Don’t miss the Ferris wheel for amazing views. Kids can meet Santa in his cozy house and tell him their Christmas wishes. There are also fun shows like magic and puppet performances.

When you’re hungry, grab a snack or a meal from one of the many food stalls. They even have a shop with toys and Christmas gifts. It’s open all year, but make sure to check their website for hours and special events. Dress in layers because it can get cool, even in summer. Plan to spend the whole day for the best experience.

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

You’ve got to check out Rock Ledge Ranch! Rock Ledge Ranch grounds are free and open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. One of the absolute highlights is their living history demonstrations. When we visited, we got to watch wool being spun into yarn—so fascinating!

There’s also bread baking in a wood-fired oven, and they even let you try your hand at some old-fashioned chores. My kids were thrilled to churn butter and help with some of the farm tasks.

And if you’re planning to go in the summer, you’re in for a treat. They have these incredible festivals with live music, dancing, and traditional crafts. We went last July, and it felt like stepping back in time, surrounded by all the period costumes and activities. For the whole family it’s such a fun and educational experience.

Cave of Winds Mountain Park

It’s perfect for a family trip , a blend of adventure, natural beauty, and educational fun. We had a blast on the cave tours – the Discovery Tour was great for my young kids, with well-lit paths and fascinating formations. For older kids, the Caving 101 Tour is a thrill. Experience the crawling through narrow passages with helmets and headlamps.

The Wind Walker Challenge Course is another highlight. Imagine, suspended on the edge of Williams Canyon, the ropes course tests your bravery and offers stunning views. Kids love the special section for adventures.

The Terror-Dactyl ride is not for the faint-hearted, launching you off a cliff at high speeds. In the last visit the Magic Lantern Theater and learn more about the cave’s history.

Fun Things To Do in Colorado Springs for Families

Adventure Park at Seven Falls

The Adventure Park at Seven Falls offers a perfect mix of natural beauty and thrilling activities. I recently went there, and the views of the seven cascading waterfalls, surrounded by lush cliffs, were absolutely mesmerizing—it’s truly the “Grandest Mile of Scenery” in Colorado!

The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure was a highlight for me. Soaring above the canyon on zip lines, with breathtaking views all around, was exhilarating. The park’s trails are fantastic too, especially the 224-step staircase leading to the top, from where you can hike the Inspiration Point Trail or Midnight Falls Trail. For those wanting a more relaxed experience, the mountain elevator to Eagle’s Nest offers stunning panoramic views. Don’t miss dining at Restaurant 1858; the Colorado specialties there, with the sound of waterfalls in the background, made for a perfect ending to our day. The park’s wildlife and the easy accessibility via the mountain elevator made it a great spot for everyone!

Pikes Peak

If you’re ever in Colorado Springs, you absolutely have to check out Pikes Peak, or “America’s Mountain.” Standing tall at 14,115 feet, it’s a place where the views are nothing short of spectacular. I took the scenic Pikes Peak Highway, a winding 19-mile drive that offered photo ops at every turn. The vistas of the plains and surrounding mountains were just breathtaking! For something really special, the Cog Railway is a must-do—it’s a historic train ride up the mountain with a 25% grade, and the views are stunning.

If you’re into hiking, the Barr Trail is the classic route, though it’s a bit of a challenge at 13 miles one-way. For a shorter trek, try the Catamount or Cog Railway Trails. At the summit, the Pikes Peak Summit House is perfect for a snack and some incredible views. Remember, the weather can be unpredictable, so dress accordingly.

Free Things to Do in Colorado Springs for Families

Palmer Park

If you’re looking for a spot that has it all, Palmer Park in Colorado Springs is a must-visit. This 730-acre park has something for everyone.

For those who enjoy a bit of adventure, the rock climbing and bouldering areas are fantastic. We also never miss the scenic overlooks – the views are stunning, especially at sunset. The wildflower blooms in spring and summer are breathtaking, and the park’s bird-watching spots are a hit with my kids. Plus, it’s dog-friendly, so our pup loves the trails too. Keep an eye out for community events – they add a special touch to every visit. ​

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United States Air Force Academy

It’s not just a military academy; it’s a treasure trove of experiences. Start at the Cadet Chapel – even though it’s under renovation until 2027, the 17 spires are still a sight to behold. The Barry Goldwater Visitor Center is a fantastic introduction to the Academy, with exhibits about its history and cadet life. If you’re lucky enough to be there during football season, catching a game at Falcon Stadium is an electrifying experience, especially with the stunning mountain backdrop.

Don’t miss the B-52 display near the North Gate; it’s a piece of aviation history that’s great for photos. The Honor Court is a peaceful area filled with statues and memorials, perfect for a leisurely stroll. If you love the outdoors, check out the trails like Stanley Canyon and Falcon Trail – they offer beautiful views and a chance to soak in the natural beauty of Colorado.

Polaris Hall, with its striking glass tower, is impressive even if you can’t go inside. And if you get a chance, catch a sports event at their top-notch facilities – the energy and spirit are contagious.

Things To Do in Colorado Springs for Adults

Glen Eyrie Castle

If you’re in Colorado Springs, Glen Eyrie Castle is a must-visit hidden gem. Its a blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty. ​It was built in the late 19th century by General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. 

One of my favorite ways to explore Glen Eyrie is through their guided tours. For a touch of elegance, the afternoon tea service is delightful, offering a selection of teas and pastries in a charming setting. 

The surrounding are perfect for hiking, with wildlife sightings. They also host special events and provide overnight accommodations, that makes it a memorable getaway. 

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

If you’re ever in Colorado Springs, visit the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park!  The Royal Gorge Bridge is not just breathtaking but also one of the highest suspension bridges globally.

Walking across it, with the gorge’s stunning views below, gave me a real adrenaline rush. For thrill-seekers, the Skycoaster and Zip Line are a must—imagine the rush of flying over the canyon! Don’t miss the Plaza Theater’s short film on the bridge’s history—it’s fascinating!

Plus, the park’s wildlife area was a hit with the whole family. Make sure to check out the café with its incredible views—it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day of adventure.

Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine Tour

You absolutely have to check out the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine Tour! I took my family there last summer, and it was a blast. We started at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center, which is full of gold rush history. Then, we hopped on a shuttle that took us to the mine.

We geared up with safety equipment and got a brief rundown on arrival. It was a fascinating tour. We explored the surface operations and got up close to those giant haul trucks and crushers. Then came the real thrill – going underground! Walking through the old tunnels and seeing where miners work was like stepping back in time. ​

The tour that lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours, was full of history, education and fun. ​

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

In this center, you can see majestic wildlife animals up close. We were fascinated by the gray wolves; they roam in spacious enclosures that look just like their natural habitat. The guides are super knowledgeable and made learning about the wolves’ behaviors interesting.

But it’s not just wolves—they’ve got black bears, bobcats, foxes, and even birds of prey. The center’s mission to rescue and rehabilitate the animals is heartwarming. The center offers educational programs that are engaging for both kids and adults alike.

Your visit to this center will contribute to their mission. And you will feel good knowing you’re helping these animals. Trust me, it’s a meaningful outing for the whole family.

ProRodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy

If you’re in Colorado Springs, the ProRodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy is a must-see! This place is a treasure of rodeo history. It showcase everything from classic saddles to the stories of rodeo legends in the Hall of Fame. 

It’s not just about looking at artifacts; there are interactive exhibits where you can try roping or experience a virtual rodeo. The Western Art Gallery adds a beautiful touch of the American West essence. 

Things To Do in Colorado Springs for Free

Starsmore Discovery Center

Don’t miss the Starsmore Discovery Center in North Cheyenne Cañon Park. This place is a real treat for kids and adults alike. The Center’s location is gorgeous, with stunning views and easy trails. The staff is super friendly and their educational programs, from bird watching to plant identification, are both fun and informative.

There are great picnic spots in nearby also, so you can enjoy a relaxing meal amidst the beautiful scenery. Keep an eye out for special events and workshops, too—they often host star-gazing nights and nature crafts that add an extra layer of fun.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Check out Cheyenne Mountain State Park for a perfect family getaway! This park offers over 21 miles of trails for hiking and biking through diverse landscapes. Kids can learn about nature by joining the Junior Ranger Program. Spot wildlife like deer and birds, or try your hand at archery at the range. The campgrounds of this park are great for overnight stays, and stargazing parties. 

The park turns into a snowy paradise for snowshoeing and skiing in winter. Don’t miss these opportunities in winter.

Things To Do in Colorado Springs for Couples

Miramont Castle

This Victorian-style mansion, is a combination of Gothic, Romanesque, and Victorian architecture. It has 30 rooms filled with artifacts and fascinating exhibits. The castle also houses the Manitou Springs Fire Department Museum, with antique firefighting equipment.

Don’t miss the Queen’s Parlour Tea Room for a delightful Victorian tea experience, perfect for the whole family. The castle’s gardens offer scenic views of the mountains. Plus, it’s close to other attractions like the historic downtown and the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. 

Peterson Air & Space Museum

Peterson Air & Space Museum is a treasure trove of aviation and space history, perfect for a family outing. Wander through the Airpark to see iconic aircraft like the F-86 Sabre and B-52 Stratofortress up close. The indoor exhibits cover everything from WWII aviation to Cold War advancements and space exploration, complete with interactive displays and flight simulators that kids will love.

Guided tours by knowledgeable docents bring the stories behind the artifacts to life. Plus, the Medal of Honor Park offers a reflective space to honor heroes. Best of all, admission is free! Just remember to bring a valid ID for base entry.

Indoor Kid Activities in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

 The Fine Arts Center at Colorado College is a must-visit. The art museum has a diverse collection, from classic to contemporary pieces. The performing arts section offers live theater for all ages. Also check out the Bemis School of Art’s workshops for hands-on fun.

The center’s stunning Art Deco architecture adds to the experience. Don’t miss special events with interactive activities, and stop by the gift shop and café for unique finds and tasty treats. It has cultural treasure for everyone in the family!

United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum

You should visit the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs. It opened in 2020. It is a fun place for families and kids. You can play games and test your skills. There are stories about over 500 athletes and you can see their medals and uniforms.

There is a big Flame Cauldron and Medals Plaza. It shows how the Olympics start. You can learn about famous athletes in the Hall of Fame. The museum is good for everyone, even people with disabilities. It has special features to help everyone enjoy.

Educational programs teach about the Olympics and sports. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop for souvenirs. You can also eat at the Flame Café. Its really a fun and inspiring place for everyone

Things to Do with Kids in Colorado

Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Manitou Cliff Dwellings in Colorado Springs, these ancient Puebloan homes, built over 700 years ago, are a real treat for families. I took my kids, and they were amazed exploring the interconnected rooms, imagining life back then.

The on-site museum is fantastic with interactive exhibits showcasing artifacts like pottery and tools. And the scenic views are perfect to take you and your family in the history. We joined a guided tour, and the stories really brought history to life. Don’t miss the gift shop – we brought home some beautiful Native American jewelry and pottery.


Colorado Springs is great for making family memories. There are so many fun things to do! You can explore nature, see amazing animals, and learn new things. It’s a perfect place for families to have fun together. 

That’s all. These are a few lines from my side. Now it’s your turn. Ready to start your adventure? Pack your bags and see all the cool things in Colorado Springs! You’ll create memories that last a lifetime.


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