This guide helps you plan an awesome trip in white water rafting in Yellowstone.

Explore lots of cool stuff: rivers, zip lines, and learning at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. You can even see a rodeo! Find info on tours, places to stay, and hiking.

Get ready for a virtual adventure. Learn about Yellowstone’s wonders and fun activities, like white water rafting. Let’s start exploring!

01. Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

You are all set for an awesome Yellowstone adventure. Well, guess what? Your first stop should be the incredible Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.               

You are standing by the banks of the Snake River, totally mesmerized by its beauty. And you know what is even cooler? You can actually hop on a river float trip or go all out with some crazy white-water rafting.

Imagine yourself cruising down the river, waves splashing around you, and all the while taking in the jaw-dropping scenery.

02. Yellowstone River near Gardiner, Montana

I have got another amazing spot to share with you for your Yellowstone trip. The Yellowstone River, right near Gardiner, Montana.

This place is pure magic. It is like stepping into a serene paradise where beauty and calmness rule. You have got to see it to believe it! You can totally dive into some epic fly-fishing action.

Or how about grabbing a kayak and riding those gentle ripples? And if you are in the mood for something chill, just imagine sitting by the riverbank, having a peaceful picnic.

03. Gallatin River near Big Sky, Montana

Gallatin River, right near Big Sky, Montana is a nature’s roller coaster! If you are up for some serious excitement, this is the place to be.

Get ready for a heart-pounding journey as you conquer those raging rapids. You will be surrounded by stunning mountain vistas that will leave you speechless.

04. Madison River West of West Yellowstone, Montana

Another scoop for our next adventure is the Madison River, just west of West Yellowstone, Montana.

This place is a trout fishing paradise! We can grab our fishing gear, head to the Madison River, and spend the day doing what we love most – casting our lines.

Can you imagine the thrill of reeling in a big one in this natural wonderland? We will be surrounded by Mother Nature’s finest. I am talking about breathtaking views that will make you forget all your worries.

05. Stillwater River near Red Lodge, Montana

The Stillwater River near Red Lodge, Montana is also the best place to visit. If you are into kayaking and fishing, this place is your dream come true.

You are out on the Stillwater River, gliding along in your kayak. The water is so calm; it is like a mirror reflecting the beauty around you. It is incredibly peaceful. You will feel all your stress just melt away.

This place is a hidden gem. Imagine casting your line into these serene waters, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. It is the perfect escape.

06. Shoshone River between Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming

I have got another incredible spot for our Yellowstone adventure. It is the Shoshone River, right between Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming.

You are right by the Shoshone River, and it is nature’s own masterpiece. The scenery is breathtaking, with those rolling hills and crystal-clear waters.


I have got an adrenaline-packed idea for our Yellowstone trip! It is the Yellowstone Zipline Adventure Park. Yeah, it is exactly as awesome as it sounds!

You are soaring high above the treetops, like a bird on an epic adventure. You get a one-of-a-kind view of the entire park and trust me, it is mind-blowing. The rush you will feel is next-level.

Ready to add some serious excitement to our Yellowstone journey? Let’s head to the Yellowstone Zipline Adventure Park and take our adventure to new heights!


If you are looking for some good entertainment in Yellowstone, I have got the perfect spot for you: the Playmill Theatre. It’s a total must-visit.

You are sitting in a cozy theater, the stage is all lit up, and the excitement in the air is palpable. That is what you get at the Playmill Theatre – live performances that will blow you away.

Whether it is a classic play or a lively musical, this place immerses you in the local arts and culture scene like no other. It is like taking a front-row seat to the heartbeat of the community.


I have got something that will get your heart racing. Do you know what is even more exciting than regular rafting? It is rafting on the Gallatin River!

You will be right in the middle of it all, navigating those crazy rapids. It is a wild rollercoaster but with water! You will feel the rush of the water all around you as you twist and turn through the thrilling rapids.


You won’t believe what I have found for our Yellowstone trip – the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. It is like getting a backstage pass to the lives of some incredible creatures.

You are up close and personal with majestic grizzly bears and wolves. I am talking about these incredible animals just a few feet away. You get to see how they live, and how they behave, and it is a real eye-opener.

This place is not just cool; it is educational too. You will learn tons about these magnificent animals and how important they are to our ecosystem.


I have another idea that is going to make you want to grab your snow gear and go. When it is winter in Yellowstone, there is a hidden gem called the Rendezvous Trails, and it is a cross-country skiing paradise!

You are out there, gliding on skis through these beautiful snow-covered landscapes. It is like you are in a winter wonderland, surrounded by nature’s frozen beauty. It is so peaceful, that you can hear your own heartbeat.


It is gonna make you feel a true cowboy or cowgirl. You are in the heart of the Wild West, surrounded by that rugged, cowboy spirit.

And right in front of you, there are real-life cowboys and cowgirls showing off their skills in all sorts of rodeo competitions. Bull riding, barrel racing, you name it!

You get to cheer them on, feel the adrenaline, and be part of the action. It is like stepping into a Western movie, but you’re living it.


I have got some exciting news for our Yellowstone trip. Ever heard of Hebgen Lake? It is a fishing haven, and trust me, you’re going to love it

You are by the shores of Hebgen Lake, the water is crystal clear, and the surroundings are absolutely pristine. It is a scene from a fishing dream. So, what is the plan? You grab your fishing gear, cast your line into the water, and get ready for some serious fishing action.

Hebgen Lake is teeming with trout and other native fish species. It is a fisherman’s paradise, and you will have a blast trying to catch them all.


I have got something mind-blowing to add to our Yellowstone adventure. Have you heard about Earthquake Lake? It is like stepping into a real-life geological thriller.

This lake did not exist until a massive earthquake decided to shake things up. Can you believe it? Mother Nature showing off her incredible power! It is a living history lesson right in front of you.

You are standing by Earthquake Lake, and you can see how this whole new landscape was formed. It is peering into the Earth’s storybook.

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I have got a fantastic idea to make our Yellowstone trip even more awesome. How about we take a guided tour of the park?

We will have these super-experienced guides showing us around. They know Yellowstone like the back of their hands! They’ll tell us all these fascinating things about the geothermal wonders, the incredible wildlife, and the park’s rich history.

It is like having our very own Yellowstone experts right there with us. We will learn things we never knew and see the park in a whole new light. It is going to be mind-blowing.


I have got a fantastic idea to add some historical spice to our Yellowstone trip.

This place is a time machine. It will take us on a journey back in time, telling us all about Yellowstone’s fascinating history. We are talking about how this place came to be, from its very beginnings to its crucial role in shaping the National Park System.

It is like stepping into the shoes of the early explorers and conservationists who made all of this possible. We will learn, we will be amazed, and we will have a blast.

17. The River to Raft

I have got something that is going to get your heart pounding with excitement. Ever thought about rafting on the Yellowstone River?

You are right there, on the iconic Yellowstone River, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. But here is the kicker – you are not just cruising along. You are in the middle of it, navigating those thrilling rapids. It is a rollercoaster ride on the water!

The adrenaline rush is real, my friend. You will be grinning from ear to ear as you conquer those waves.

18. Gardiner Outfitters

I have the perfect place for us to gear up and make the most of our Yellowstone adventure – Gardiner Outfitters.

Gardiner Outfitters is all about helping you have the best time in the park. Whether you are into fishing, hiking, or just soaking in the natural beauty, they have got you covered.

They have got these awesome outdoor experiences tailor-made just for you. It is like having a personal guide to the park’s wonders. So, you get to pick what suits your style and make the most of our Yellowstone trip.

19. Montana Whitewater

I have got an idea that is going to make our Yellowstone trip unforgettable. Ever thought about conquering the rapids of the Gallatin River with Montana Whitewater?

Montana Whitewater is all about giving you an adrenaline-packed experience you won’t forget. We are talking about white-knuckle, heart-pounding, and totally awesome whitewater rafting!

The Gallatin River’s wild rapids are a rollercoaster ride on water, and the thrill is real. Montana Whitewater knows these waters like the back of their hand, so we’re in good hands.

20. Yellowstone Raft Company

I have got something exciting lined up – rafting with the Yellowstone Raft Company. We were out there on the Yellowstone River, surrounded by jaw-dropping landscapes. It is like Mother Nature turned up the beauty to the max.

And guess what? We get to navigate those waters and have a blast while doing it. It is not just rafting. It is a memory-making extravaganza!

21. Paradise Adventure Company

I have got Paradise Adventure Company that will make you smile from ear to ear. 

These guys are all about outdoor fun in the stunning surroundings of Yellowstone. We were talking about rafting, fly fishing, and a whole lot more. It’s like they’ve bottled up the essence of adventure!

Imagine this: you, me, and the wild beauty of Yellowstone. We’ll be rafting through the rapids and casting our lines into pristine waters. It is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.

22. Wild West Whitewater Rafting

I have got a plan that is going to make our Yellowstone trip absolutely epic. How about we go on a Wild West Whitewater Rafting adventure?

We will be cruising down the rivers of Montana, and it is going to be a wild ride. We were talking about riding those thrilling rapids like true adventurers! The adrenaline rush is going to be off the charts.

23. Flying Pig Adventure Company

Something that is seriously cool to share with you for our Yellowstone trip – the Flying Pig Adventure Company. These folks are all about turning up the excitement!

You would not believe the stuff they offer. We were talking horseback riding, ziplining, and a whole lot more. It is like they have got the recipe for the ultimate adventure.

24. Gallatin River: Gallatin Gateway, MT/Big Sky, MT

The Gallatin River is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, right in Gallatin Gateway and Big Sky, Montana. It is a whole bunch of fun waiting to happen.

We will be surrounded by the kind of scenery that is straight out of a postcard. It is like Mother Nature showing off her finest work.

25. Yellowstone River: Bozeman, MT

The Yellowstone River near Bozeman, Montana! You would not believe how beautiful it is. Yellowstone River is surrounded by nature’s stunning beauty.

We can also dive into some water-based activities. It is a chance to get in on the action, whether it is kayaking, swimming, or simply enjoying a leisurely float down the river. 

26. Flathead River: West Glacier, MT

I have got a gem of a spot for us to explore during our Yellowstone trip – West Glacier, Montana, and the incredible Flathead River.

The Flathead River is nature’s masterpiece. Crystal-clear waters, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. It is something out of a dream.

And if you are an outdoor enthusiast like us, this place is a paradise. You can do it all – kayaking, fishing, hiking, you name it.

27. Madison River: Norris, MT (near West Yellowstone)

I have another fantastic spot for us to explore on our Yellowstone trip – the Madison River near Norris, Montana.

The Madison River is surrounded by the calmest, most serene surroundings. It is a nature lover’s dream come true.

But here is the kicker, this place is a haven for fishing enthusiasts! We can cast our lines, enjoy the tranquility, and maybe even catch the big one.

28. Clark Fork River: Missoula, MT

I have got another awesome spot to add to our Yellowstone adventure – the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana.

This place is a beauty. We can dive into some water sports, or if we are in a chill mood, just relax by the riverbanks. It is all about enjoying it our way.

29. Stillwater River: Red Lodge, MT

A trip to Red Lodge, Montana, and a day of pure tranquility by the Stillwater River is a relief. In the heart of Red Lodge, the peaceful Stillwater River is stepping into a haven of calm and natural beauty.

We can dive into kayaking or fishing. It is all about getting up close and personal with the serene waters and maybe catching a big one.

30. Blackfoot River: Missoula, MT

The Blackfoot River near Missoula, Montana is an incredible spot for us to hit during our Yellowstone trip

I cannot even begin to describe how stunning this place is.

The Blackfoot River is not just about pretty views. It is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts like us. You can explore its beauty through all sorts of activities. Whether it is kayaking, fishing, or just hiking along the riverbanks, we are in for an adventure.

31. Lower Flathead River: Polson, MT

I have got something special for our Yellowstone adventure – a trip to Polson, Montana, and some quality time by the Lower Flathead River.

Can you picture it? Us in Polson, right by the Lower Flathead River, surrounded by pure serenity. It is like stepping into a relaxation zone!

We can go fishing and try to catch the big one, or we can hop in a kayak and explore the gentle waters. And if we are feeling super chill, we can just soak in the peaceful ambiance by the riverbanks.

32. Whitewater Rafting in Big Sky, Montana

I have got a thrilling idea to spice up our Yellowstone trip – how about some whitewater rafting in Big Sky, Montana?

You are right there on the river, conquering those wild rapids like true daredevils. It is an adrenaline rush like no other! The kind that makes your heart race and leaves you with stories for a lifetime.

Big Sky, Montana, is the ultimate playground for adventure seekers. And this rafting experience? It is going to be the highlight of our trip, guaranteed.

33. Mount Washburn Hike

I have an adventure that will take our Yellowstone trip to new heights – the Mount Washburn hike.

We are hitting the trail, tackling the challenge of Mount Washburn. It is a stairway to the sky! And guess what? The reward at the summit is out of this world – 360-degree views of the jaw-dropping landscapes around us.

Yellowstone National Park is a treasure trove of amazing activities and breathtaking views. No matter what type of traveler you are, it is going to be a trip you will never forget.


Explore Snake River or go rafting in Montana’s Gallatin River. Dive into the park’s history or take a guided tour to see its geothermal wonders. And for the adrenaline junkies, there’s the Yellowstone Zipline Adventure Park and rodeo action.

Now, it is the time to plan your Yellowstone adventure. Hike Mount Washburn, brave the rapids in Big Sky, and more. Pack your bags and get ready to experience this natural wonder.


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