Are you planning a solo trip to Washington DC?

DC is a fantastic destination for solo adventurers. It offers a plethora of attractions, countless memorials, and a multitude of exciting activities tailored for those exploring alone.

Recently, I went on a solo journey in DC and explored many sites during my trip.

In this article, I want to share my experience with you. I have listed some solo-friendly activities and places to consider when planning your solo DC trip.

This list of things to do alone in DC will help you to plan a perfect solo trip.

Is DC good for solo travel?

things to do alone in dc

DC is perfect for going on solo adventures! There is so much to explore, hundreds of memorials to check out, and lots of cool things to do alone in DC. 

With plenty of attractions in the city, make sure your solo trip is both safe and enjoyable. Get into these attractions to turn your solo DC adventure into an unforgettable experience.

What is Washington DC most known for?

The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial are among the most famous of the city’s hundreds of memorials and statues.

Is it safe to travel to Washington DC alone?

Before I tell you the best things to do alone in DC, Let’s talk about safety first. In general, Washington DC is safe for solo travelers. However, if you are a solo female explorer, taking extra precautions, especially in certain neighborhoods at night, is advisable.

Where to Stay During Your DC Solo Trip?

Are you thinking about where to stay during your solo trip to DC? Below are some recommendations for your DC stay.

Duo Housing DC

Duo Housing DC is a top choice If you are seeking a cozy and welcoming environment. As a solo traveler, the vibrant community at Duo Housing DC provides an opportunity to connect with fellow adventurers. The hostel atmosphere encourages brotherhood, making it an ideal spot for those who want a social aspect to their journey.

Try Hostels

Hostels are a fantastic option when you are traveling on a budget. They not only provide affordable accommodation but also offer a chance to meet like-minded individuals. DC boasts several well-maintained hostels that cater to solo adventurers. 

Safe Areas for Solo Travelers

Ensuring your safety is paramount, especially when traveling alone. Consider staying in areas known for their safety and accessibility. Some good, safe areas to consider include:

  • Dupont Circle: Dupont Circle is the perfect spot for solo adventurers! They have got a dining scene that is a real mixed bag. Streets are lit up like a Christmas tree, just right for a leisurely walk. No need to stress about wandering in the shadows.
  • Georgetown: Georgetown provides a generally safe environment for solo night walks, boasting well-lit streets, friendly locals, and maintained safety. Staying attentive remains crucial. The public transport in Georgetown is safe, offering reliable buses and respectful drivers, pickpocketing may occur, necessitating vigilance and securing belongings. Consider a sub-$200/night hotel near Rosslyn Metro in Virginia, providing easy access to blue and orange lines for key destinations, with Greenbelt MD as an alternative for a day trip on the green line into the city.
  • Foggy Bottom: You will find the streets attractive, and there is a lot of cultural energy here! You are right next to famous places like the Kennedy Center and the National Mall. Everything is well-lit and comfortable, making it safe for you to explore on your own. Foggy Bottom is the perfect place for solo adventures, with the charm of the capital all around.
  • McPherson Square: McPherson Square has everything you need. You will find parks, places to eat, and cultural treasures all around. The well-lit streets create a pleasant atmosphere for your solo walk. It is a safe place to be, and you will discover that McPherson Square is full of good vibes.
  • Penn Quarter: If you are looking for a vibrant atmosphere, Penn Quarter is a great choice. The streets are bustling, the theaters are exciting, and the food scene is fantastic, truly a delight for my taste buds. The atmosphere is just right, and being right in the middle of everything makes it easy for you to explore.

During my solo stays in DC, I chose Georgetown for its picturesque setting and a plethora of dining options. It provided a perfect balance between safety and a lively atmosphere.

What to do solo in Washington DC

what to do solo in washington dc

There are uncountable things to do alone in DC. What to do solo in DC depends on many factors, like your time of stay in DC,  what you like the most, and what you have an interest in. I have listed down some cool and fun things  (Including Some Free activities) that you can try during your solo visit to Washington DC.

Cool & Unique things to do in DC alone

You will find lots of fun and special things to do in the city that will make your solo trip unforgettable. But let me start this list with one of my favorite experiences that I am sure you will enjoy too.

Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset at Watergate Steps

watergate steps

When the sun sets on the Potomac River, I recommend heading to the famous Watergate Steps for a peaceful time. These steps by the river are a great place for you to relax and take in the stunning sunset views. It is a calm spot in the middle of our busy city.

Take a Photo Outside the White House

white house

No trip to DC is finished without grabbing a photo in front of the iconic White House. Even if you can’t go inside for a tour, making sure to capture the grandeur of this historic residence is a must.

Visit Planet Word

  • Timing: Monday 10 AM-5 PM
    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday 10 AM-5 PM
    Thursday 10 AM-5 PM
    Friday 10 AM-5 PM
    Saturday 10 AM-6 PM
    Sunday 10 AM-6 PM
  • Location: 925 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
planet word

For a truly out-of-this-world experience, head to Planet Word, an expressive wonderland that will leave you amazed. Located just a short distance from the National Mall, as you enter, you will be greeted by interactive exhibits and immersive displays that make language come alive.

Free things to do alone in DC

Exploring the capital on your own can be an enriching experience, But now I want to list some fantastic options that won’t cost you a dime.

Explore the National Mall

national mall

Memorial to the Washington Monument. Take a casual walk by the Reflecting Pool, soak in the vibes at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and stand there in awe of Honest Abe’s massive statue.

Black Lives Matter Plaza

matter plaza

When I hit up this place solo, it was stepping into a living canvas of change. Murals, slogans – the street spoke volumes. Take your time, soak it in, and let the powerful messages resonate. It is a powerful testament to the pulse of the city.

Smithsonian Museums

smithsonian museums

When you walk through the National Mall, make sure to visit the National Air and Space Museum. Explore the amazing exhibits that will blow your mind. Take in the history and culture at your own pace.

DC’s Premier Cultural Arts Center

dc’s premier cultural arts center

Stroll through the Hall of Nations, catch a show on the Millennium Stage, and soak in those awesome riverside views. Feel the vibes, enjoy the scenes, and make those solo DC moments unforgettable. 

Marvel at the National Capitol Columns

national capitol columns

National Arboretum in DC, don’t miss the National Capitol Columns. Take a leisurely walk, soak in the natural vibes, and snap some pics of these historic columns.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

dwight d. eisenhower memorial

Eisenhower Memorial – is a spot for some chill and reflection. Take in the cool architecture and the neat surroundings. It has a peaceful visit that lets you soak up the vibes and get into President Eisenhower’s legacy.

Fun Things to Do in DC by Yourself

DC is known for its museums and monuments, despite these there is a whole world of fun waiting for you in DC. 

Visit the Library of Congress

library of congress

Library of Congress in DC – Get lost in its amazing architecture, flip through some rare manuscripts, and just soak up the knowledge vibes. It is the perfect solo escape, mixing learning with the joy of discovering cool stuff.

Arlington National Cemetery & Robert E. Lee House

arlington national cemetery & robert e. lee house

Check out the Robert E. Lee House, soak in the history, and enjoy the peaceful vibes. Stroll through those hallowed grounds for a day filled with reflection and a connection to some pretty poignant landmarks.

Woodrow Wilson House

woodrow wilson house

Woodrow Wilson House is similar to stepping back in time at the 28th U.S. President’s crib. Wander through history, and take a chill walk in the garden. It is a vibe for some peaceful reflection. Jump into Wilson’s legacy, and feel the personal touch – it is like a solo adventure with history giving you a high-five.

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President Lincoln’s Cottage

president lincoln's cottage

Getting into history with cool exhibits, and taking a casual stroll in the scenic grounds. It is the spot for a chill, reflective day, connecting with the legacy of one of America’s greats.

African American Civil War Museum

  • Timing: Monday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Tuesday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Thursday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Sunday: Closed.
  • Location: 1925 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
african american civil war museum

Something that does not get enough attention. Check out the exhibits, salute their bravery, and get into this important piece of American history. It is a visit that is both enriching and totally at your own pace – connecting with stories of resilience and courage.

Fun Things to Do in DC for Adults

Washington Nationals Baseball Game

washington nationals baseball game

Cheer on the team, munch on some ballpark snacks, and soak in that lively atmosphere. Whether you are a big baseball fan or just looking for a good time, it is a super fun way to make some awesome memories in the capital!

Washington Capitals Hockey Game

  • Timing: Monday, 9 AM–5:30 PM
    Tuesday, 9 AM–5:30 PM
    Wednesday, 9 AM–5:30 PM
    Thursday, 9 AM–5:30 PM
    Friday, 9 AM–5:30 PM
    Saturday, Closed
    Sunday, Closed
  • Location: 601 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004
washington capitals hockey game

Feel the crowd’s energy, cheer for the team, and get into that fast-paced ice action. Whether you are a big hockey fan or just trying it out, a Capitals game is a surefire way to have an epic night in the capital city!

Drunk Shakespeare Society

  • Timing: Monday, Closed
    Tuesday, Closed
    Wednesday, 6:30–9 PM
    Thursday, 6:30–9 PM
    Friday, 6 PM–12 AM
    Saturday, 6 PM–12 AM
    Sunday, Closed
  • Location: 1100 13th St NW Suite 105, Washington, DC 20005
drunk shakespeare society

Drunk Shakespeare Society – Jump into a night of interactive theater, drinks, and plenty of laughs with other adults. It is a quirky and unforgettable way to enjoy Shakespeare’s classics in a laid-back, adult-friendly spot right in the heart of DC.

Titanic: The Exhibition:

  • Timing: Monday, Closed
    Tuesday, 10 AM–7 PM
    Wednesday, 10 AM–7 PM
    Thursday, 10 AM–7 PM
    Friday, 10 AM–8 PM
    Saturday, 9 AM–8 PM
    Sunday, 9 AM–7 PM
  • Location: 151 St George Blvd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
titanic exhibition

The Exhibition thing is worth checking out. Get into the tragic yet fascinating history of the Titanic – it is pretty thought-provoking. Engage with artifacts and stories, it is a memorable and educational trip for us adults.

International Spy Museum

international spy museum

International Spy Museum – Jump into interactive exhibits, unravel secret missions, and get into the whole world of espionage. It is a must-visit if you are up for something unique and entertaining right in the heart of DC.

Things to do in DC Alone at Night

Monuments by Moonlight Night Tour

monuments by moonlight night tour

See the iconic landmarks light up, soak in their history, and capture some amazing moments in the city that is always awake. It is a peaceful and unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Washington, D.C. alone at night.

Haunted History Ghost Tour

haunted history ghost tour

Haunted History Ghost Tour at night. Jump into the city’s eerie past, listen to some bone-chilling tales, and get a taste of the supernatural vibes at iconic spots. It has a spine-tingling and downright entertaining way to uncover the haunted side of Washington, D.C., all under the moonlight.

Capital Wheel at National Harbor

  • Timing: Monday, 12–10 PM
    Tuesday, 12–10 PM
    Wednesday, 12–10 PM
    Thursday, 12–10 PM
    Friday, 10 AM–10 PM
    Saturday, 10 AM–10 PM
    Sunday, 10 AM–10 PM
  • Location: 141 American Way, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
capital wheel at national harbor

Capital Wheel at National Harbor. Take a chill ride in those lit-up gondolas, and soak in the awesome views of the Potomac River and the city lights – it is like pure magic. It has a serene and enchanting way to experience the nighttime vibes in D.C. all by yourself.

Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks

evening parade at the marine barracks

It is like this super patriotic and awe-inspiring event. Watch the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon do their thing under the night sky. It is a proud and uplifting way to spend an evening alone, soaking up the rich military history vibes in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Is it safe to walk at night in Washington, DC?

Downtown DC is generally safe during the day and well-patrolled by law enforcement. However, it is advisable to remain cautious at night, especially in less crowded areas. Avoid walking alone on dimly lit streets and stay in well-lit and populated areas.

How can I spend a day alone in DC?

If you are planning a One-Day solo trip to DC and want to spend a perfect day alone in DC. I would recommend planning it before your visit. Make a list of what you want to visit and explore during your solo trip to DC. That way you can utilize your time. Need a plan? ThePointsGuy has you covered for an epic one-day solo exploration.” wonderful plan”

How do I meet new people in DC?

When you are in a new place it is a good idea to make new friends. So when you revisit that place you have a more enjoyable tour. Having a local as a friend is a plus point when you are traveling because locals know about more real stuff and information that you can not get from the internet or tour planners. Try to join events on your visit days to make new friends. 


Alright, that wraps up our guide on solo adventures in DC!

Exploring on your own is possible. Just map out your trip wisely, stick to a budget, and make sharp decisions on transportation and accommodations. You can keep those dollars in check while still having a blast uncovering all the fantastic spots DC has to offer.


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